BEAGINS stands for Baseline Environmental Assessment for the Grid in the Irish and North Seas.

The development of an offshore energy system in the North and Irish Seas represents a significant opportunity towards meeting the EU's energy, environmental, growth and employment objectives. The region has a vast renewable energy potential that could provide a significant share of Europe’s power supply by 2030. Furthermore, such a regional energy system could also contribute to the further integration of the electricity market in northwest Europe, which is an important step towards a single European electricity market and improved energy security within the European Union. The target countries for this study are Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

To ensure that environmental concerns and impacts are appropriately considered in the development of such an offshore energy system, the European Commission has ordered a Baseline Environmental Assessment study aiming to compile an Environmental Baseline of impacts including maps, constraints, risks, impacts, ways of mitigation and alternatives. This study may be used to inform any future development of renewable energy generation, energy storage, power cables and associated equipment in the North and Irish Seas. It will be available as a resource to inform developers about this infrastructure regarding environmental assessment (SEA, AA, EIA). This will allow for environmental considerations to be incorporated into plans and projects early in the policy, design or planning processes.

This website serves as the project’s online portal, enabling online consultation with stakeholders, and providing public information during the course of the project and after its completion.


Throughout the various parts of this study, we have invited different stakeholders to provide feedback through this website. The project has now been successfully finished and we wish to thank all participants for their valuable input. The final report can be found here and the executive summary here.